To clean the world in a renewable way

We are the go-to partner for manufacturing within the consumer goods industry. 
We offer a circular supply chain that will make the producer, consumer and our planet,
all happy.

Erik & Emilia Lindmark, REGRIND co-founders

About us

REGRIND is a Swedish acetate manufacturer, founded by Erik and Emilia Lindmark in 2022. The founders of Regrind are also the founders of EOE eyewear, a sustainable eyewear brand from Swedish Lapland. We founded REGRIND due to our tireless belief that we have to transform the conception of the real need of using virgin material and instead innovating a circular upcycling solution called REGRIND.

In short

-A patented ISCC plus certified bio-circular acetate material-

REGRIND, first of its kind, a bio-circular acetate material that is made from old eyewear. The recycling rate is amazingly 98%.

Back in 2017 the first ideas and prototypes were sketched out in order to transform a conservative and linear industry into turning circular. Thus, ending the urge to always wanting virgin material, REGRIND is a new kind of circular acetate supplier where the eco innovation lower CO2 emission up to 35%.

Our process are measured by the ISO14040 method to follow fair and scientific Life Cycle Analysis.

The history

Millions of glasses are going to landfills every year. REGRIND aim to change this. REGRIND are looking to take it to the next level and to find a way to break new ground and close the loop. Proud to present the first of its kind; an ISCC PLUS certified acetate made from old eyewear.

The steel that we are using in our frames is made of Swedish recycled steel from Sandvik; AISI301.

A world unique patented innovation where old, broken and worn-out eyewear are turned into a new raw material. The material is so clean it can go back into a regular eyewear production or anything made by acetate. We collect eyewear from organisations like Vision for All, or customers like EOE Eyewear.

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